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So, what’s the difference at GreenStones? Well, for a start, you’ll find we don’t just crunch your numbers, we explore and explain them so you can really reap the benefits in your business. Then, there are our exciting fixed fee services to help you move confidently towards your goals. Finally, we want you to enjoy working with us – so you can say goodbye to boring accountancy and hello to innovative, motivating, practical accountancy.

With our award-winning service, we want to inspire, challenge and support you and your business to be the best you want to be. These are the watchwords that drive our business. Here’s what they’ll mean for you:

Inspire – All businesses are in a state of change. We want to inspire you with ways to enhance and improve yours – and we won’t recommend anything that we haven’t proved for ourselves already.

Challenge – Sometimes we know it can take a different approach to help you move forward or make that change when you need to. So if we need to challenge you, we will.

Support – We want to be your biggest supporter. We’ll be there by your side when you need us to be – whether you’re changing processes or your approach or moving onwards and upwards.

Putting the fun back into business

What we discuss with you may be serious, but it doesn’t mean the way we do business has to be. We think you’ll find the way we work makes us more enjoyable to deal with. Just imagine looking forward to a meeting because you know it won’t be interminably boring. If you visit us at our offices, you’ll find they offer a fun environment too.

How many accountants do this?

We think these KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) give you a real sense of whether we’re living up to the promises we make. We update them regularly so you can see how our performance affects you.

Customer happiness – The result from our customer survey machine in reception and our customer survey which is emailed to customers with their annual accounts. For the month of December 2019, our score was 9.9 out of 10.

Turnaround times – This is how fast you get your accounts and tax calculations after you’ve let us have your records. The December 2019 average was 33 calendar days. This was from start to finish. Most accountants don’t tell you and those that do, only tell you the how long it takes to produce draft accounts.

Proactive calls – You’ll have heard professionals talk about being proactive but when you ask them what that means, they have little idea. We do! Each month, we have unsolicited meaningful conversations with our customers to add value and provide useful information. Our monthly target is 64 and in December 2019 we did 97.

Why work with us? Our promises at a glance

Read more about these here.

  • Fixed price accounting
  • Truly proactive
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Fast accounts

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