Drink Up

When a new team member joins the GreenStones team, they are given the opportunity to choose either a personalised mug or glass as part of their welcome gift. 

These personalised gifts allow team members to stay hydrated and are a great way to make new starters feel welcomed and valued. 

At GreenStones, team members don’t need to worry about using the wrong mug or glass and learning names becomes a lot easier with these personalised gifts!

As it is approaching the most popular season for the consumption of hot drinks and cuppa soups, our personalised mugs are a vital part in keeping team members morale up during the working day.

Here are some Fun Facts you may not know:

Between 50-75% of the human adult body is water.

Staying hydrated helps to improve productivity.

As little as a 2% drop in dehydration can affect moods and reduce alertness.

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