Is this No.1 CEO major challenge costing you thousands?

I’m sure as a CEO’s or a member of the Senior Team you have many challenges in leading and running your business but there is 1 Challenge that is the biggest of them all. This challenge costs businesses in the UK tens of thousands of pounds every year, it could be costing you the same.

In this Masterclass that takes place on Thursday 15th March, Pete Wilkinson is going to show you how the fastest growing successful companies address this number 1 challenge and what you can do at your own company to limit the damage caused by not addressing it.

He’s going to look at 3 areas briefly to help with this challenge. The first is Clear Outcomes, the second is Systems for Measurement and Accountability and the Third one is Highly Aligning Your Team around a common Purpose or Vision. He’s going to focus primarily on the third one as you can easily make progress with this immediately. Pete will share what needs to be do to have a highly aligned and loosely coupled team. Achieving this one thing can make all the difference and allow your business to reach its profitability potential and not cause you any more frustration by having a large gap between strategy planning and strategy execution!

By the end of this 120 minute Masterclass you will know exactly what to do and have some great actions to take away when you return to your business that same day!

So if you are ready to unleash your business potential it’s vital to you attend this high energy Masterclass delivered by Pete Wilkinson Multi Award Winning Speaker, published author and Founder and CEO of Reclaro, THE Performance Enhancement Tool for Ambitious CEO’s and their Teams.

Here’s what Angelo Piccirillo from AV Rillo said about Pete

“Just wanted to say a big thank you again Pete. Great day, great focus. I loved it”

To grab your ticket visit the GreenStones Eventbrite page here


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