We have gone ROWE (well some of us have!)

In the first week of February some of us went ROWE. Mark, Nathan, Bev, Lian, David, Tracy and Michael all started trialling working in a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE). Basically, this means they can work where they want to and when they want to as long as the job gets done.

For the team members it means that they have total autonomy on their working life and are able to work and play as they see fit. If they get their work done more quickly they are not “punished” by being given more work to do and they have absolute control over their efficiency. Mastery of their job is the ultimate goal.

For our customers it means that the team members should be more available for you. They should be available at times and locations to suit you with the work completed within agreed deadlines. This is one of the definitions of “getting the work done”. Whilst were are gong through this trial I would love the hear any comments you have on the level of service we are providing, good or bad, so we can consider them when we review the system in May.

And what does GreenStones get out of it? It has focused us on targets and goal setting like never before. For each team member we have had to consider what we want them to achieve for the salary they are being paid. Easy in some cases not so easy in others. The aim is to have a fully committed and motivated team that understands the purpose of GreenStones and what we are achieving.

Over the coming months I will be adding some more blogs about ROWE, the rules (yes there are some) of engagement and our progress.

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