The quicker a new team member is made aware of the procedures and policies of their new workplace, the sooner they are able to comply with company expectations. Your team induction program should be delivered in a simple format that explains your firm’s policies and procedures, your expectations of them and their specific responsibilities.

As well as helping new additions to the team, an induction can also be useful for helping team members who are returning from extended leave or are taking on a new role in the business.

Mix formal and informal components

Effective team member induction programmes tend to have a mix of formal and informal elements.

A relaxed format will help to put your new team member(s) at ease. After all, the first few days in their new jobs will be stressful so anything the company can do to alleviate this will create a good first impression. You want your new team member(s) to feel welcomed and the format of the induction programme should convey this message.

It is important, of course, to ensure that the formal aspects of the induction are covered too. So, presentations and training sessions on things like health and safety, legal requirements and systems should be scheduled into the new team members’ first few days.

A team induction booklet that compliments the training is a useful reference tool for new team members. There is often a lot of information to take in on the first day of work. Your team will appreciate the fact that they have a document to refer to later on (rather than having to bother their manager every few minutes). Don’t forget to cover the basics such as core hours of work, pay and leave entitlements. The induction should also cover things like fire escapes, break areas, toilet locations, etc.

A positive experience

The importance of making a good first impression should not be forgotten. Employers who welcome new team members with a commitment to open communication, formalised policies and procedures and a positive work environment are rewarded by enthusiastic staff. Team members appreciate when an effort has been made to welcome them. Good relationships are the foundations of good businesses. So think of your induction training as your way to make a great first impression on new additions to the business.

Nathan Hopkins has recently gained new experience by inducting GreenStones latest team members. For further advice and guidance how you could make your new team members first few days stress free, call Nathan on 01733 372684 or email him at:

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