Word of mouth recommendation is the best way to choose anyone who helps you.

Don’t you think?

Well, you’ll find lots of our customers on this site telling you how good we are along with videos and contact numbers for some of them so you can speak to them direct.

You will have seen other accountant’s websites with testimonials but you will not have seen their results.

Well you can on ours.  The ones that affect you and your decision to use us are on the page What we do.

If you still don’t have enough proof on how good we are you can have a look at our events page and come along to our next event for free as our guest.

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We think word of mouth recommendation is the best way to choose anyone who helps you. That’s why we challenge ourselves to proactively ask our customers for testimonials.

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“Professional, hard working, dynamic and forward thinking, GreenStones is a young team with a great future. Mark has done an excellent job with his proactive thinking and valuable advice.” Kevin Rickard, Mei-Ta Asia Consultancy Limited

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“When starting my business it was quite scary and uncertain, but with the help and advice I have received from GreenStones all I have to worry about is doing my job. Thank you.” Robin Woolard, Solar Stop Limited

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