The benefits of outsourcing non-core business functions

How many times have you heard the buzzword ‘Outsourcing’? In today’s hyper-connected world, outsourcing is possible from any offshore location and for any kind of business. Some of the main processes which are increasingly being outsourced are HR management, IT services, marketing services and general administration. Management of these functions tends to stay in-house, but the lower level work is being outsourced more and more. Here are some of the advantages of outsourcing non-core business functions:-


One of the most obvious benefits of outsourcing a function to an external supplier is the financial saving. Whether it’s office space, human resources, technology or general expenses, the business ends up with increased savings and also has access to an extremely talented workforce (potentially even around-the-clock service, if required).


When businesses outsource their administrative processes, they enjoy efficiency gains. Outsourcing companies tend to have the latest technology, staff with up-to-date skill sets and much bigger teams. This allows the staff in the business the time to focus on higher value tasks such as sales, or creating strategies for growth.


Outsourcing can take pressure off the management team, allowing them to focus more on developing the business. The team can divert their attention to important core functions like improving customer engagement, research & development and providing high value services. This can have a positive impact on overall business performance.


If non-core functions are outsourced, the business becomes a lot leaner. There are less people to manage, less office space required, less problems to deal with and so forth. This also means that systems, technology, etc. can be cut down in scale which further simplifies the operations of the business, reduces cost and reduces the need for managers to invest as much time.

What non-core functions could your business outsource to improve your costs, efficiency and focus? For some suggestions call the team on 01733 371180 or email

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