Is your year end coming up?

Schedule your accounting records in with Tracy to ensure a fast and efficient service.

We initially make contact with you seven days after your year end to enquire when your accounting records will be ready and when you would like your year end accounts producing. This should be very important to you as it not only gives you an idea of any corporation tax that you have to pay, but if you are planning on making any purchases which require funding, the finance company/bank will need your latest set of accounts.

We work like all other industries – work has to be scheduled in, otherwise there can be an overload of records which just sit unnecessarily in the office without being worked on.

When we request your year end accounting records, we will not commence work until we have received everything. When you bring your records into our office, we have an internal booking-in deadline of 24 hours. We will then make contact with you to request any missing items. We do not do stop-start work, as we have made a promise to you to turn your accounts round in 45 days once work has commenced.

If you have recently moved to cloud accounting such as QuickBooks or Xero, not all of your records are required anymore, but all companies are different and we may still require certain records. In all instances, we will require your final bank statement(s).

As a guide, if you have a July year end, then we would be looking to commence work on your accounts in August/September at the latest.

If you would like to schedule your forthcoming year end accounts work in, or have any queries, please call Tracy Smith on 01733 305161 or email her at:

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