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Who we are

We could go on and on here about how we’ve been in Peterborough for over 27 years and about our custom built offices but probably what you really want to know is how we can help you.

Simon Chaplin, managing director, acquired the practice in 2005 and set about making it the best accountancy practice in the country. Since then, we’ve won many awards and received accolades from many national organisations and in 2015 the team expanded the business by acquiring Davis Business Services in Whittlesey. We think you’ll find us to be innovative, leading edge, starkly truthful (in a good way), questioning, knowledgeable… and there when you need us.

Simply put, our mission is to inspire, challenge and support you to do what we do….

helping you to be the best you want to be.

Our promises

These will be at the very heart of our service to you.

Fixed price accounting

You’ll never receive a surprise bill from us. Never. You may have heard that some accountants give a fixed price QUOTE only to try and justify a higher charge after the job is finished because of the “time incurred”. We can’t do that. Why? Because we stopped keeping time sheets and charging by the hour on 1 April 2004.  Since then all our customers have had a price before we start any work and we’ve stuck to it.  We don’t believe you should pay for our inefficiencies so we don’t charge you for them.

Truly proactive

You’ll have heard lots of businesses, especially accountants and lawyers, promising “Proactivity” and then failing to deliver.  Well at GreenStones, we measure our proactivity and publish the results for everyone to see. That way we can prove we are being proactive. You’ll find our most recent results by clicking here.

100% money back guarantee

If you commit to buy something and when it arrives it is not as you thought, you don’t expect to pay for it do you? That’s why, if at any time, when we are working together, you receive an invoice and you don’t think you’ve had your money’s worth you only need to pay what you think it was worth. No questions asked.

Fast accounts

You can’t do a lot with a set of accounts that are prepared nine months after the year end because they’ve been in someone’s cupboard for eight months can you?

That’s why you’ll receive a set of accounts from us as soon as possible after letting us have all your records.  That way you can make timely decisions, start planning to pay the tax and set out strategies for the coming year.

What we stand for

We have five values that, as a company, we live by and that will guide the proactive, knowledgeable, committed way we’ll do business with you. When you meet him, you might like to ask Simon how we arrived at our values. It’s an interesting story.

Our values are to:

  • Share relevant knowledge – some say knowledge is power. Not for us it’s not.
  • Help each other – what goes around comes around. We help you and expect you to help us.
  • Seek enjoyable balance – If we’re happy at home we’re happy at work. All our systems are set up to meet your needs and the needs of the team member.
  • Be honest – goes without saying! Even when the truth isn’t what you want to hear.
  • Be brave – If you are going to be the best you can be you need to get out of your comfort zone.

To discuss, without obligation, how our service could work for you, please contact us today.

Our people matter to us

So to help them in their roles, we support them in the best ways we know how – including by being flexible when life events call for it, and creating an environment where people feel valued and where fun is all part a day’s work. Clients and colleagues….everyone’s important to us.

If you’ve never met the team at one of our events, find out more about them here. Click here to meet the team

Accreditations & awards

Our mission is to “Inspire, Challenge and Support our customers and colleagues to be the best they want to be”.  Fine words? We like to think our awards and accreditations show they’re words we put into action.

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