Snow problem for small businesses

It seems as though the country, or at least parts of it, is grinding to a halt due to the white stuff. Obviously it’s a big problem for employers and could cost thousands of pounds in lost income. However, with the use of relatively inexpensive (Often free) modern technology, for some workers there should be little or no disruption.

Workers who do manage to get into the office can always call their colleagues at home and it is also possible to divert direct dials to mobiles so customers can get hold of the people who matter. If you upgrade to a hosted telephone system all this can be managed via the internet and calls can be redirected to the correct numbers with the caller knowing. Our new system allows us to answer our phones at from our laptops, computer at home and IPhones.

It is also possible to use programs like Logmein Remote to operate your work computer from home. This software needs to be installed on both computers so make sure it is set up before you need it. Once it is installed you can work on your office PC from any internet enabled computer just like you were sat at your desk.

Did you have a presentation to make that is now impossible? You can use gotomypc to let anyone with a web connection see what’s on your computer screen. All you need to do is load up Powerpoint (or the document you were going to be showing them in the meeting), log them in and call them via the telephone to discuss.

If you would like some more tips on home working or disaster recovery (essentially the same thing) then please give us a call and we can put you in touch with the great team that do all our computer support.

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