Talent Development

Regardless of the type of business that you run, you will have talented people in your team who you will want to develop and grow into future managers. So how do you go about creating the next generation of managers in your business?

It starts with leadership

The managers and leaders in a firm are responsible for developing the capabilities of their team, nurturing their careers and managing their performance. Most managers would acknowledge the importance of training and developing their people, but few dedicate enough time to it. The management team should consider that an effective way to attract and retain talent is to create an environment where talented people can develop.


Time is a finite commodity and urgent tasks tend to devour it. Managers who aren’t disciplined in time management and prioritisation may neglect investing time in developing their team simply because they have failed to move talent development to the top of their to-do list. Talent development should be a strategic priority for your business and every member of your management team should have talent development objectives in their business plan.

Build a culture of learning and development

The management team should reinforce the value of learning. They should encourage the creation of sustainable processes to support the development of their team. The business should be prepared to celebrate the successes of the team members.

Real world learning

Problems faced by the business can be leveraged as opportunities for real world learning and development. Team members can be encouraged to take on new challenges which allow them to develop their skills. Mistakes should be viewed as further learning opportunities and this should be communicated across the business.

How do GreenStones Develop their Team?

At GreenStones we encourage the development of our team by setting monthly personal targets for all team members to complete at least one development activity. The activity should be a minimum of 1 hour long and could be anything from learning how to use a new piece of software to conquering a fear of heights!

Learning how to use a new piece of software has obvious benefits but team members developing on a personal level, experiencing new things and being taken out of their comfort zones is just as important.

For some inspiring ideas on how to develop your team contact us on 01733 371180 or email advice@greenstones.co.uk

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